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The Real Honey is Here

Each month we deliver to you 3 (8 oz) bottles of unique seasonal farmers market honey, 24 oz total. Our bottles are named after the floral source (e.g. Orange Blossom Honey is made by bees that collect nectar from an Orange Tree). Unlike the processed honey you buy at the store, our honey offers the amazing taste and health benefits that only raw and unfiltered honey provides.


Lip SMAKin' Good

Farmers Market Honey

For over a decade we have been providing Lip SMAKin' good honey to our community at our local farmers markets.  What makes our honey so good and healthy is that it is raw and unfiltered.  Our passion is to find the best tasting and purest honey to share with you.  We are now making our same Lip SMAKin’ good products available to the world online. 

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How often will I get this box?

Your box will ship on the 4th of every month. Please order by the last day of the month to get the current box. A flat $7.00 shipping fee will be added to each month.

Do you have regular Honey?

This is the most common question we get asked at any farmers market.  The answer is, there is no one “regular” type of honey.  Honey is made by honey bees and will differ primarily by the type of flower nectar that they are collecting at the time.  Most of the honey that is found on the store shelf is actually a mix of honey from different locations, has been ultra-purified, and heated.  This insures that it looks good and tastes the same but will remove all of the health benefits that are in Raw and Unfiltered honey. 

Does Honey Ever go Bad?

 No, honey is one of the only foods that does not go bad.  Just store your honey in the bottle in a dry place.  People sometimes think that honey that has crystallize has gone bad.  This is not true, all raw and unfiltered honey will crystallize over time and it is perfectly good to eat.